Jason Rabinowitz


Jason works with clients at different levels to help them unlock their potential, drawing on his experience of having worked in the world’s leading management consultancy and investment banking firms. He works at three levels: coaching individuals, supporting teams and on systemic and organisational issues including culture and leadership.

AboutÜber Jason

Before breaking from corporate life for the second time, Jason was head of the Pine Street leadership development group at Goldman Sachs International, a role he took up after running his first consultancy business, Previously, Jason spent almost a decade as a leadership and organisational expert at the management consultancy McKinsey and Company, counselling senior leaders globally on transformational change; he also worked in leadership development for BP plc.

Jason works at three levels: coaching individuals, supporting teams, and on systemic and organisational issues including culture and leadership.

As an executive coach, Jason has worked with senior leaders internationally across a wide range of challenges. His approach is always to consider the ‘whole person’, including mental, physical and emotional needs, and their underlying purpose and meaning – but always pragmatically focusing on what is needed in the present moment. Having worked in the world’s leading management consultancy and investment banking firms, he has first-hand experience of the unique characteristics of these organisations, and can relate to the challenges its leaders face, the exacting standards expected, and the intricacies of power and politics. He is also a coaching supervisor and supports the development of internal coaching capability.

Jason supports leadership teams on their most pressing challenges, ensuring that they are aligned on purpose and direction, and that the team dynamics and processes support their mission. He enjoys helping teams step up into being true role models for their people, and always balances individual needs with those of the team, the organisation and their broader stakeholders.

At a systemic level, Jason helps organizations understand how their current culture and leadership capability enable their strategy, what they truly stand for (purpose) and how to manage the complex human processes of change and transformation. This always requires a careful blend of soft and hard, IQ and EQ, planning and emergence, skills and personal courage.


  • With the leadership team of a global insurance company, uniting previously disparate national organizations, creating a powerful joint purpose, and navigating the pandemic
  • With a Partner in a leading law firm – supporting her on a broad range of challenges, from defining her role, managing difficult relationships, and tackling knotty personal challenges
  • With the chief economist of a financial services firm – helping him step up to being a firm and people leader, and finding ways of raising his level of activity and being more strategic
  • With the main business unit of a complex international organization, diagnosing the existing culture and its upsides & downsides, and creating an aspiration and plan for deep transformation

Education and qualifications

  • Masters in Executive Coaching at Ashridge
  • Ashridge/EMCC accredited coach
  • Growth Edge accredited coach
  • BPS Level B qualified, Hogan, NEO and ECS
  • Accredited in Immunity to Change
  • MBA London Business School
  • BA (Sheffield), MA (London)
  • Non executive director UK, European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC)