We are a leadership consultancy, supporting professional and financial services firms on their business challenges. We pride ourselves on listening to the organisational voice to really understand our clients’ needs and culture to ensure advice and services fit and resonate deeply. Our clients, many of whom have been with us for more than 20 years, trust us to identify and develop talent and leaders, enhance profitability and help get the client and business strategy right. We work for the good of the leaders and the firm and are constantly evolving to ensure we are always providing leading practice.


We help professionals lead in a way that encourages and inspires a strong sense of followership within the firm.


We help firms with their entire partner talent lifecycle.


We help firms with their pricing, fee negotiation and pitching strategy be more profitable.


Our team of highly experienced coaches help professionals reach their full potential and also oversee in-house coaching programmes.


We help transform client relationships by building effective client teams and developing trusted advisors.