Business success in professional and financial services firms is largely dependent upon the quality of execution and therefore the capability of key individuals within the firm.

The most successful firms understand that developing their people faster and more effectively than their competitors will provide them with a competitive advantage.

Supporting the entire Partner talent lifecycle

Partners and senior executives have different needs at different stages of their career. We help firms with their entire talent lifecycle from supporting lawyers into partnership and accelerating through into leadership positions, integrating laterals, through to helping Partners consider their next steps after Partnership.

Success stories from recent programmes include:

  • Partner election

The Chair of the New Partner Committee felt they were missing data about candidates they felt might struggle to adapt to partnership and lacked “teeth” in relation to challenging the decisions of strong sponsors.

We designed and ran a business psychology review process to help the candidates identify gaps they would need to fill to become highly effective Partners and to develop committee members to work with the information.

We are now into our 5th year of running this process alongside the Committee who welcome the additional data and insights that are provided at interview and beyond.

  • Supporting succession and elections

Following multiple terms by the incumbent MP the SP and Board were concerned about the potential and suitability of the future partners stepping into the role.

Our role was to support a governance refresh, encourage partners to stand and to develop a programme of learning and insights for those considering standing. The firm has completed the elections and the candidates are mid-handover with the incumbent MP. The results so far are promising.

"We help firms with their entire Partner and senior executive talent lifecycle."

Our other areas


We help professionals lead in a way that encourages and inspires a strong sense of followership within the firm.


We help firms with their pricing, fee negotiation and pitching strategy be more profitable.


Our team of highly experienced coaches help professionals reach their full potential and also oversee in-house coaching programmes.


We help transform client relationships by building effective client teams and developing trusted advisors.