Client Leadership Programme

Our exclusive programme shifts partners mind-sets by building the belief that it is possible to change the status of a relationship and transform the Firm’s position with the client. We develop team leadership skills to grow and manage large scale and complex, often cross border client relationships. We develop client relationship skills so partners project authority, presence and impact, and the associated confidence, to develop relationships at the most senior levels. Partners become skilful leaders of multi-million pound major global client relationships.

Transforming client relationships

Our Client Leadership Programmes (CLP) focus on the following key themes that build the confidence and capability of client lead partners:

  • ​Importance of mind-set on behaviours and results
  • Authority, presence and impact
  • Developing confidence and comfort to hold strategic conversations outside the law
  • Transactional versus relationship approach
  • Transforming client relationships – from service provider to trusted advisor
  • Identifying where the shift needs to take place to transform the relationship – mind-set, client leadership, team leadership, taking action
  • How to build sticky internal teams
  • Fostering collaboration across practice and sector groups as well as offices and geographies

To ensure success, our CLP is always linked to a Firm’s strategy and sponsored by senior Executives, ideally the Chairman or Senior Partner and Executive Committee. The programme includes a self-assessment (against a client investment online tool), taught case studies and storytelling to build belief and show what is possible.

One of the most popular parts of these programmes is the chance to work with our Client Executives. Our carefully selected group of senior client executives include GC’s, C-suite executives and buyers of professional services. They create a realistic, safe and stretching space to rehearse critical conversations and try out different approaches. Their years of experience of working with professional services firms means that they give insightful skilled and credible feedback on what clients really want.

We work with firms to help senior professionals develop the mind-set, confidence and capability to become true relationship partners rather than service providers, and we have seen how these interventions can have a great impact in the partners’ ability to lead major client relationships and in winning new clients and matters.

PSFI’s CLP provides a stretching experience to accelerate the development of a select group of partners to meet the sales challenges facing the firm.

The main outcomes for participants on our CLP are to accelerate their ability to:

  • Lead significant client relationships across the business, across borders with the client and across complex internal structures
  • Create client alignment through the ability to hold relationships with senior executives at the client and to genuinely understand the client’s business
  • Create strong internal team alignment across a range of services, offices and personalities within the firm
  • Deliver against significant targets (e.g. doubling revenue, expanding internationally) for client relationships they are responsible for over the medium and long term
  • Strengthen their internal networks with leaders of the business and those holding similar roles
  • Enjoy the CLP role, their enhanced status and relationships with the client
"We develop client relationship skills so partners project authority, presence and impact, and the associated confidence, to develop relationships at the most senior levels."

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