High impact fee negotiation

Fee negotiation has become an increasingly critical skill for professionals and their firms. Despite this many professionals avoid actively engaging their clients in fee discussions for fear of risking their relationship or the prospects of future work. In so doing profitability is reduced and relationships risk being damaged. Our high impact fee negotiation course provides lawyers with the practical tools to negotiate fees with confidence, generating multiple returns and transforming their client relationships.

Creating confident, effective negotiators

We believe that the challenges associated with fee negotiation are caused and exacerbated by poor or ineffective preparations​ and include:​

  • Ineffective target and veto setting
  • Poor concession management
  • A failure to apply appropriate creativity to the negotiation process​

Structure of the one-day workshop

Our high impact, one-day workshop provides participants with a structured, constructive approach to fee negotiation with clients, greatly increasing partners’ confidence.

Key learning points include:​

  • Understanding key contextual issues (timing, power balance)
  • How to prepare effectively (creating personal ‘cheat sheets’)
  • Delivering a credible opening position and responding​
  • The use of verbal and non-verbal communication to enhance impact​
  • Managing the flow of concessions and applying creativity​
  • Working with personal styles and preferences​
  • Commonly used tools and tactics in person, per phone, per email

The rich and intensive learning experience combines instruction, group discussion and video feedback which stretches participants and supports them in immediately applying the lessons learned.

At PSFI we start with a deep and thorough understanding of what drives performance and profitability in professional service firms. ​

We have decades of experience helping firms transform their businesses. We’ve worked across the entire legal sector, teaching firms how to read market trends and understand the importance of pricing and profitability in a law firm context. ​

We understand a law firm’s key profit drivers and help firms influence these for sustainable growth. Clients also rely on our renowned pricing expertise in setting prices and fee structures. Fee negotiation is a strength of ours, as part of a broader approach to communicating with clients and to date we have developed the skills of over 5,000 professionals from professional services firms, including many of the leading global law firms.

We pour all of this expertise into our workshops and participants’ abilities to negotiate fees are transformed by taking part.

Specifically, participants learn how to:

  • Plan and prepare effectively
  • Build trust and look for greater opportunities
  • Project confidence and competence
  • Use easy to apply tools and techniques to maximise their negotiation power
  • Understand personal negotiation preferences and their impact
  • Successfully apply and counter commonly used negotiation tactics

The vast majority of previous participants have been able to apply the techniques we’ve taught immediately and have generated a multiple return on the investment within less than a year.

One major international law firm recently reported an ROI of over 350% in just two months following the delivery of the programme.

"I would say it was one of the most effective training sessions I have been on and I believe that the techniques covered will really increase client wins, prices and margins." Partner in a global law firm

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