Professional service firms need Partners to successfully develop relationships, both within the firm and with clients – ideally at speed. PSFI trains Partners in TRACOM’S Social Style® model to help them accelerate their relationship building process. The model is backed by an ongoing, 60-year research programme, giving it an unparalleled track record.

Building high performing relationships with Social Style ®

For many years, PSFI has partnered with TRACOM Group to use their Social Style® model. The training begins with an online assessment and robust report that helps improve partners’ BD skills and sales performance. We’ve used it with multiple senior groups, teams, client teams and individual partners.

The model, backed by decades of research, reveals all people have one of four Social Styles®, each with preferred ways of acting, thinking and making decisions.

Our Social Style® programmes teach powerful, practical techniques to work effectively with anyone. It’s based on observable behaviours not internal aspects such as personality. Learning these skills reduces conflict, boosts communications and builds a common culture. It leads to improved interactions and helps accelerate building relationships.

Versatility is the true power of Social Style®. Versatility is the ability to leverage the strengths of your own style while recognising and responding effectively to others’ unique styles. It allows you to create meaningful and productive relationships with people of any Social Style®, be that across the table in the board room or at one of your key clients.

Independent research studies show that Partners prefer the Social Style® model to other interpersonal skills options such as Myers-Briggs or DiSC. It is not a “personality” program like Myers-Briggs; it’s founded on valid and proven research and the focus on observable behaviours – how people think, act and react. The power happens when we come to understand ourselves through the eyes of others, learn to modify our actions to better match others’ needs, and observe again and again how relationships, communication, and influence with our teams and our clients improves.

We give each individual partner:

  • A bespoke Social Style® profile with anonymised view on their behaviour from colleagues. Over 50% of people misrepresent themselves when completing profiling instruments. So the fact that Social Style® includes external insights from colleagues is invaluable.
  • A versatility report with a detailed perspective on how to improve their effectiveness on a number of very clear dimensions

The model is helpful for teams and PSFI has worked with a number of practice group teams.

We provide teams with:

  • A detailed understanding of one another
  • A basis for better collaboration with each other
  • A set of insights to help manage a team effectively

As well as individual partners and teams we have also coached client service teams to improve their relationship building skills and accelerate their client relationships.

We provide client teams with:

  • A clear view of how others are viewing the situation
  • Access to other tools such as the Social Style® Estimator which can be used to quickly predict a client’s style so as to better predict how to connect with them.
  • Practical advice on applying Social Style® & versatility skills to common selling situations Multiple studies have shown that business developers with high versatility consistently outperform others in areas such as building rapport, overcoming objections, closing deals and client satisfaction.
"This is the only profiling instrument that I have seen Partners really take and use. It’s simple without being simplistic." Mike Mister, Partner, PSFI

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