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Smart collaboration

Firms earn higher margins, inspire greater client loyalty, attract and retain the best talent, and gain a competitive edge when lawyers collaborate across borders and across practice and sector boundaries.

Client leadership programmes

Our exclusive programme shifts partners mind-sets by building the belief that it is possible to change the status of a relationship and transform the Firm’s position with the client.

Developing c-suite presence

High impact fee negotiation

Our high impact fee negotiation course provides lawyers with the practical tools to negotiate fees with confidence, generating multiple returns and transforming their client relationships.

Leadership 360

Professional service firms need partners who can create and execute successful strategies that respond to the many challenges that firms face both today and will do in the future.


Professional service firms need Partners to successfully develop relationships, both within the firm and with clients – ideally at speed.

Client teams

Building high performing teams that align closely to the needs of a client is challenging. Many try and few get there.

Client executives

PSFI has a carefully selected group of senior clients, available for partners to work with to practice their client relationship and leadership skills.